The Successful HCG Program – Restoring Who You Are Underneath

Smiling Woman With HCG SuccessMore of our customers than ever before are reporting great results losing weight with HCG Plus, and it’s not too difficult to understand why this is so.  HCG offers tremendous benefits, typically allowing users to lose 20 to 30 pounds a month during the protocol.  Studies on its effects have been well documented, with all showing greatly improved results over simple diet or exercise programs.  Many people are reporting feeling great about themselves for the first time in a long time.  It is no surprise that so many are feeling great after losing weight on the HCG diet, outward appearance can be helped by HCG considerably.  Real HCG drops like our HCG Plus product provides the same high level of HCG needed to lose weight on the program.  No injections are needed, and it’s reasonably priced so that anyone can take advantage of the program.

The HCG program is meant to provide significant weight loss, rapidly.  The 3 specific phases of the program each serve to boost a specific segment of a person’s weight loss abilities.  Metabolism and appetite are the two factors that impact people the most and prevent them from losing weight in the long term.  On HCG, the hormone greatly increases fat burning, and decreasing appetite of users as they go through the program.  This increased response to use allows people to lose around 400% more total fat than they would just by going on a diet, and the decreased appetite allows someone to go on a reduced calorie diet without greatly feeling the effects.  The result of this two pronged approach is rapid weight loss results, which remain in the long term.  As studies have shown, the faster someone loses weight, the more likely it will be that they keep it off.

Reports of Success Grossly Outnumber Failure

It’s true that there are some people whom the HCG diet just simply doesn’t work for.  We extend our extremely generous return policy to those users who have tried using real HCG, and not succeeded.  This lack of success is also seen in injections as well, and is more a byproduct of a person’s body type.  Certain body types simply don’t generate metabolism increases like is typically seen on the HCG protocol.  However, success on the program is typically immense and occurs ins nearly all users.  Over 99% of our customers report successful weight loss on the program, many of which reach their weight loss goals within only a single treatment.

As with all weight loss methods, those that works, deliver results fast, and do so safely are  the preferred choice.  The faster someone sees success the more likely they will be able to stick to the program.  When people see the person underneath the weight gain, they often experience feelings of satisfaction and happiness.  Many people who lose weight in studies report living better lives, and even improved career performance after doing so.  It’s no surprise that a proven treatment like HCG has gained so much favor, since it can seriously deliver results.

The Limitations and Differences to the Modern OWL HCG Approach

Modern Beautiful Food For HCGThe modern approach is much like the original protocol by Dr. Simeons but there are some distinct changes.  Though the original protocol only allows for 500 calories per less per day, the modern approach allows for up to 700.  This difference is one of many, but the most important thing to understand is the difference between the various phases of the diet.  Each phase is different in some key ways, from phase one to phase three.  This post will examine precisely what changes, and how it does so.

Phase One – Modern Versus Original

  • Modern Approach – During phase one take HCG Plus from the very first day.  During this phase you will eat foods high in fat and low in carbohydrates.  Examples of this are things like cheese, meats, sausage, beans, etc.  There is no limitation for how much if each can be eaten.  On the modern approach as we describe in our Quick Start Guide, phase one lasts for 2 to 3 days.
  • Original Protocol – At the start of phase one, people will need to continue to take HCG throughout the entire phase.  However, Dr. Simeons prescribed a regimen of high fat foods, without regards to carbohydrate intake.  This has historically led to some increased weight gain, but users of HCG are allowed to eat anything that is high in fat for a period of 2-3 days (this includes cake, ice cream, etc).

Phase Two – The Very Low Calorie Difference

  • Modern Approach – During phase two, one of the major factors to consider is battling temptation.  There are many foods that people may begin to crave, that are not permitted on the original protocol.  However, on the modern approach, researchers have designed a method that takes this into account while allowing for maximum weight loss.  This period will last from 23 to 57 days and HCG should be taken for the entire phase.  700 calories are permitted, as are nearly all fruits, beans and vegetables.  Two vegetables, or one fruit and one vegetable can be chosen for each meal: lunch and dinner.  The major thing to keep in mind about what kind of vegetables or fruits can be had are carb content (should be less than 15g per serving) and the fat content.  Most fruits and vegetables are permitted, but things like potatoes, mangoes, rice, and corn are not allowed.
  • Original Protocol – Starting phase two with the original method is relatively simple.  A small list of vegetables is all that is allowed, and the phase can last from between 23 and 43 days.  These include thing like cabbage, lettuce, grapefruit, apples, etc.  There are no carb controls on this protocol specifically, however, the few vegetables and fruits allowed act in such a manner as well.  This is much more restrictive, and only allows for 500 calories per day.

Phase Three – Maintenance Difference

  •  Modern Approach – The maintenance phase, or phase three, lasts a minimum of 21 days on the modern approach.  People are permitted to add many of their prior foods again, including dairy products and carbs again (at least in a limited capacity).  A person is to take 1500 calories per day in, all organic, and all foods that are low in fat ideally.  This is fairly easy to do, but there are no specific rules governing it.  This diet should remain in place until another protocol is begun, or indefinitely after the ideal weight is reached.  No HCG should be taken during phase three.
  • Original Protocol – Similar to the modern approach, phase three on the original protocol requires no HCG to be taken.  A minimum of 6 weeks is required between regimens on the original protocol.  The same caloric intake is prescribed, with 1500 calories per day being required.  The remainder of phase three is the same as on the modern approach.

These three phases make up the entire HCG diet protocol, but they vary from the original method and the modern approach.  As we have outlined, these differences are material and important to consider whenever selecting a technique that a person will use.

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The Key to Success With Weight Loss is Attitude

Woman Smiling after SuccessA person can often be greatly impacted by their outside appearance and their overall health. A person’s own self-confidence and self-esteem can be negatively impacted in particular, as is often one of the major consequences of weight gain. HCG attempts to stop this problem from occurring, by directly boosting the metabolism of users through its metabolic effects, and decreasing appetite.  This can rapidly allow users to gain back their self-confidence, as their outward appearance improves.

HCG is one of the best researched and proven methods for weight loss in the world today.  Compared to more traditional, expensive prescription methods, HCG will typically provided 10 times the level of results.  However, this is not all that HCG can offer.  New research has shown that after weight loss, particularly in cases with chronic obesity, those that maintain the weight loss experience better outlooks, hold better jobs, and report better personal relationships.  This quality of weight loss has been suspected by many over the years, but recently it’s become clear that this is in fact the reality of the situation.  Happiness comes in many forms, but rarely do those that are historically struggling with obesity report feeling so.

HCG Diet and The Dynamics Of Weight Loss On The Body

The goal of achieving real happiness is an admirable one.  The HCG diet works in several key ways in order to make this a reality, at least as much as is possible through weight loss itself.  Losing weight by going on a traditional diet or exercise program may not be the great and easy journey many people hope.  Most people will fail without outside help, and even if a person does employ known methods, they may not achieve the results the desire.

Metabolism is the culprit for this.  As a person reduces their calories per day, their metabolism will slow down considerably.  Additionally, appetite will increase as well, making it more difficult to stick to the program.  HCG helps to curb both of these problems.  HCG works by directly interacting the the user’s brain, boosting metabolism and decreasing appetite.  This allows for rapid weight loss, but in a natural manner as well. Most people are able to quickly lose weight on HCG, but what of the happiness they report afterwards?  Remission (where a person gains back the weight they lost) is rare, so long as they closely follow the phase 3 guidelines.  Phase 3 of the HCG diet program is the maintenance period, where weight loss is kept through a specific but higher calorie diet in the long term.

Most people who follow this and achieve the results they sought feel much happier on the other end.  This is pretty obvious as a lot of new studies have shown.  Those that feel self-confident in their appearance report better quality of life, better relationships and even better job security.   There’s also been a link between obesity and depression, or on the other side, self-esteem and happiness.  The best way to achieve these great life benefits is through weight loss, and one of the most efficient and natural ways to do so is with the organic HCG hormone.

Battling Temptations – The Difficulty of Maintaining Weight Loss

Battling Temptation to SucceedThere is always a long road that people who are looking to lose weight must face down. The difficulties of going through traditional methods, such as diet or exercise programs, can lead to poor long term results and discouragement. According to studies, the average person struggling with obesity will go through 3 diets per year, but over the course of even 20 years, less than 10% will maintain any significant weight loss. That’s why it’s so important to select methods that not only are proven to work, but proven to deliver long-term results. There are many options out there when it comes to temporary weight loss, even programs that have been shown to work well enough to make it to the prescription stage. Yet, rarely are these programs tracked after the use of the product stops, and the risks often associated with using some of these treatments can be a real turn-off.

HCG is one treatment that not only’s proven itself as powerful in the short term, but over the longer term as well. Studies have examined not only the phase 1 and phase 2 methodology, but also how long people will typically succeed in the long term during phase 3. Phase 3 is the maintenance phase of the HCG diet program, and is meant to provide a method to maintain the weight that is lost through the protocol and the use of the hormone. Studies have shown that those using HCG appears to have no issues keeping the weight off, if they follow the phase 3 guidelines. Only a small fraction gained by even 10% of the weight they lost after a year on phase 3, which is indeed promising. It indicates that the HCG protocol may actually be negating much of the problems with traditional methods by employing such a well tested treatment.

Achieving Results From The HCG Protocol A Quick How To:

Millions of people are using the HCG diet program to lose weight, however, there are some important ways to keep your success going. One of the most important is ensuring that you comply with the tenants of the protocol itself. Whether using the modern approach or the classic weight loss techniques, the actual outline of that program is important to follow. For instance, on the original protocol, users were strictly limited to 500 calories per day during phase 2, and dairy products were not permitted. While on the modern approach this level is 700 calories a day, with much of the difference being additional fruit of vegetable items. One thing that is important, however, is phase 3.

Phase 3 is the same on both the modern approach and the original protocol. It entails a 1500 calorie per day diet program, that is rich in natural foods and low in carbohydrates. This is meant to maintain the weight lost during the program, and also to keep people healthy in the long term. Success on HCG over time is directly proportionate to how much a person adheres to the written program. If a person closely follows the guidance on phase 3, they will achieve much better results and not need to go on the program again in the future. Of course, once a person stops taking the hormone their weight loss will also not be maintained by the hormone going forward. The third phase is designed to prevent falling back into old habits.

Your Goal Is to Achieve Happiness When You Look in the Mirror

Happiness From Weight LossSo many people face a difficult road to personal happiness as their health is in jeopardy. The unfortunate truth is that a person’s outside appearance can often impact how they feel on the inside, and that’s why it’s so important to accept our bodies and improve them. It can be difficult, however, to do so on our own, as the human body is not meant to lose weight once it as put it on. In times of want, fat stores were previously used to help supplement food. Yet, when a person begins to reduce their calories, their metabolism will also slow in order to prevent further weight loss. What is needed is a solution that can directly arrest this process and even improve metabolism above the baseline so that dieters can lose weight rapidly when dieting.

The HCG program is meant to do just this, and studies have clearly shown it to work in that manner. HCG works by boosting metabolism directly, and decreasing appetite, allowing people to easily go on a reduced calorie diet and to achieve significant results during the effort. Rather than a few pounds of weight loss a week, those on HCG will lose 10-15 pounds per week. This level is a result of the hormone interacting with the brain of users, increasing metabolic rate by a factor of 2 and total weight loss typically by a factor of 4.

The Modern Method, Exercise and Success

Many of our customers choose to go the route of the modern method of the HCG protocol. The reasons are simple, not only do they find it easier to stick to, but it’s a lot better if a person chooses to exercise. Many people believe that exercising on the original protocol will result in more rapid weight loss, yet this is rarely the case. If a person attempts to push their body too hard, it can shut down and enter starvation mode. The damage this can cause is significant, as once a person’s metabolism slows down it typically will take concerted, long term efforts to correct it. Many of the best foods for HCG success actually are only found on the modern approach as well, the original protocol did not allow for many healthy food choices. The modern 700 calorie approach is typically going to deliver the same results, but allow for moderate exercise without the same risk of metabolic damage.

Happiness is a state that differs among individuals, but few people feel their best when they’re dealing with obesity. Furthermore, exercise releases endorphins to the brain, which have been shown in hundreds of studies to increase mood. What this means, however, for those that cannot exercise is that they will typically not be their happiest. Many people actually report feeling a lot better, more quickly, along with losing the same amount of weight while on the modern 700 calorie per day method. It’s no surprise this is the case, as many people are able to walk, spend time outside, and generally get more done during the day without concern about their metabolism shutting down. If a person’s metabolism does shut down, they will need to completely halt the program and go through phase 3 for several weeks. As such, it’s important people closely follow the tenants of either method and not try to add things.

Methodology for Phase 2 – Apple a Day and Other Methods

Sliced Green and Red ApplesThe HCG diet protocol is broken down in the 3 distinct phases, each with a specific goal in mind. Phase one is short, only 2-3 days, and aims to load up the body making fat cells enlarge and more easily burn off stored weight. Phase two can last upwards of 57 days and is designed as the fat burning phase. This low calorie diet is only possible because of the use of the HCG hormone, as it not only decreases appetite, but keeps the body’s metabolism from shutting down over the long-term. Phase three is designed to maintain the results that the person has achieved throughout the first two phases.  Phase three is typically a minimum of 3 weeks in length, at least prior to being able to start another protocol.

When it comes to the HCG program, there are many questions about how it works.  Most questions fall squarely into matters of phase 2 application, as there are many different philosophies, outlines and food choices out there.  Though we have spent some time in the past on melba toast and grissini breadsticks, this is just one aspect of phase 2 food choices.  In particular, many people have questions about fruit and vegetable servings, and how the coincide with each meal.

Fruit and Vegetable Choices For Phase 2

On the modern method, which is completely outlined in our quick start guide, users of HCG are permitted to have two vegetable servings with each meal (lunch and dinner) rather than only one as was typically found on the original protocol.  However, unlike the original protocol on the modern method it is permitted to substitute on of the vegetable servings for a serving of fruit instead.  A single serving of fruit is allowed with each meal in the place of a vegetable serving.  This is where the “apple a day” rule comes from.

New users often wonder what a “serving” of apples, oranges, grapefruits, etc are.  Whole fruits like these a serving as part of the HCG diet would simply be a single fruit of that type.  In the case of apples, this would be a whole apple.  However with berries, or other smaller fruits, like kiwis, as serving size varies.  It’s best to look this information up for the specific fruit you’re eating, but a serving size will vary from a few strawberries, to 2 kiwis, to half a pineapple depending on the fruit chosen.  The issue is that a person needs to match up around 100-110 calories in size in order to measure a serving.  This understandably varies among fruit types, with something like grapes having fewer calories than a strawberry will, etc.  Carbohydrates will also have to be considered as well, typically carbohydrates as part of the fruit serving should be less than 20g.

Vegetables are much the same rules, 100-110 calories per serving on the modern approach (this is the same as the original protocol, but only one serving is permitted).  Vegetables can be of any type that is low in calories, and they too vary considerably based upon the type of vegetable how much a serving will be.   However, snacks can also be selected as one fruit serving per day as well.  These can be had once, typically between lunch and dinner.

How HCG Products Along With the Diet Help You Succeed

Delicious Foods For Phase 2The HCG diet protocol uses the natural impact of specific foods as well as the natural hormone HCG to produce significant results among users quickly. Typically, most people experience weight loss on the order of 4 times the level they would get dieting alone. The diet is essential for success, even though it is less important if a person is not using the hormone to help them lose weight. HCG acts to boost metabolic functioning and decrease appetite, thus allowing for weight loss without any plateau effects or stagnant results. Many people who diet quickly find that their body reacts to their effort negatively, typically by lowering metabolism. However, with HCG, this process is prevented from occurring at near the level it does normally.  Metabolism is kept far above the baseline, and the reduced calories a person is taking in will quickly result in significant weight loss.

Many people wonder just what they need to eat to lose the most weight on the HCG protocol.  We have outlined these sorts of things before, particularly with regarding to maximizing HCG Plus success.  However, many things should be kept in mind depending on which program the person is doing.  On the original protocol, it’s important to not mix vegetables or fruits at the same time.  This can create problems with the very reduced calorie level and how their body actually responds to weight loss in that fashion.  Additionally, HCG on the modern approach allows for some mixing of fruits and vegetables, but it is still generally limited on what kind of things are permitted.  Nothing high in carbohydrates is allowed on either method, as this can actually cause the person’s metabolism to drop considerably regardless of the hormone’s influence (the person’s brain will actually excrete a hormone which counteracts HCG in the presence of carbs).

The Great Losing Game

Many people struggle to pin down just what makes the HCG diet work so well, and even researchers are not completely sure.  What is certain is that most people who use the hormone will lose a tremendous amount of weight following the simple protocol.  Phase 2 is the primary area where people are concerned about what they eat during the protocol, and this is where most of the food limitations come in.  For many, a sandwich for lunch is common, yet on phase 2 bread is not permitted.  Though melba toast and grissini is permitted, actual bread is not allowed due to the yeast and high carbs.  The carbs are also very complex in bread, making them hard to break down, and causing an excess in the production of key hormones.  Typically people eat lean beef, chicken or fish for lunch and dinner, along with several vegetable items (or fruit items) with each meal.  On the classic protocol, the choices were limited, typically only allowing for a handful of vegetables (cabbage, collards, spinach, etc.).

On the modern approach as we describe in our quick start guide, most vegetables and fruits are allowed, besides those high in carbs (such as corn, rice, or potatoes).  This typically allows for people to maintain a high metabolic rate as their body is constantly digesting different things each day and for each meal.  One thing is important to keep in mind, regardless of the method chosen, commitment and the use of real HCG often decide the outcome.  If you are going through this program with a fake product, you will not succeed in reaching your weight loss goals.

Grissini Breadsticks and Melba Toast on the HCG Diet

Grissini and Melba ToastIn phase 2 of the HCG diet program, carbohydrate intake should be limited. However, the foods that are allowed on phase 2 on the classic approach actually do not have many carbs at all (most foods permitted do not have any). This can be a major problem as the body needs carbs in order to work as intended. A completely lack of carbs can actually impact a person’s overall weight loss and decrease their metabolism. It’s important for at least 40 grams of carbohydrates to be eaten every day, regardless of the program a person’s using to lose weight.  The HCG protocol makes up the difference typically with melba toast or grissini breadsticks.

Melba toast and grissini is chosen for the HCG program as it has other good qualities versus something like bread.  Toasting gets rid of a lot of the calories in typical wheat or white bread, which could be a problem for the low calorie phase 2 protocol of the HCG diet.  Typically two servings of melba toast will only have about 150 calories in it, versus over 250 for wheat bread.  Also, it will have very low sodium and almost no saturated fat, which is not typically the case in normal breads.  These characteristics are preferred to enable people to lose weight more quickly during the HCG protocol.  Dr. Simeons originally allowed for 2 servings of Melba toast or Grissini breadsticks per day, and the modern approach is the same.   For best results users should partake in these servings at times different from their meals.  By staggering carbohydrate rich foods and non-carbohydrate foods, a person’s metabolism will be in more of a flux than if it was taken all at once.  This variance can generate some positive results on overall weight loss results.

When it comes to losing weight, HCG Plus results are top of the pack.  There simply aren’t any drops out there that can compete with the powerful effects of real HCG drops like our product HCG Plus.  However, the same rules apply with regards to phase 2 as always do on the HCG protocol.  Users need to closely monitor their caloric intake, whether on the original protocol or on the modern approach.  This means following the allowed foods list, but also making sure they stay under the calorie limit each day.  If this means holding off on melba toast or grissini servings that day, then people should do so to remain under the limit.  With careful planning people can take in a large amount of food each day, including all of the allowed servings of various foods.  However, once the threshold is reached no further foods should be eaten till the following day.  HCG plus can help with the appetite effects, but the metabolism effects can often overcome the benefits of HCG if people do not keep their food intake in a state of flux throughout phase 2.

Achieving Permanent Weight Loss Success with HCG Plus Drops

Woman Exercising on HCGIt’s been a whirlwind few months for us here at HCG Plus as a lot of our customers have been reporting significant progress in losing weight. To date, thousands of our customers have reported significant progress, typically ranging from 20 to 30 pounds of weight loss in a short regimen. In fact, recently many customers reported such significant results within as little as 23 days (the minimum length of a single regimen). These results, not surprisingly, place HCG Plus among the best products available on the market. Our product’s high dosage of the hormone along with B-12 allows for fast uptake and significant results within a very short period of time.

New users are raving over our product and report being happy they found a real source for HCG drops as there are many fakes out there. Though customers often achieve everything they wanted with HCG Plus, some customers still struggle to ultimately achieve their goal weight. Many factors come into play when people lose weight with HCG, including their innate metabolism, their ability to lose weight on a reduced calorie diet, and also how much total weight they need to lose. Someone who is already thin and wants to lose 10 pounds or so could easily have a greater difficulty in doing so than someone heavier who is looking to lose only 20 pounds. However, both typically can achieve their goals within a single regimen of HCG Plus.

Long-term Maintenance of Results

Losing weight with HCG Plus may be fairly easy to achieve, but keeping it off can be a challenge. HCG can only work so long as it’s in the person’s body, which has to cease at some point after phase 2 ends. We have discussed in the past how phase 2 limits mixed vegetables, and other key information about phase 2 to increase success, but it’s the period after, Phase 3, that can also present problems. Phase 3 typically entails people reducing their daily caloric intake to 1500 calories per day, from the usual 2000 (on phase 2 it is 500-700 calories per day). People are allowed to once again have a lot of natural foods with carbs, such as nuts, corn, rice, etc. However, they are limited in what they are permitted to eat overall to prevent putting on additional weight. If someone is choosing to do two regimens, they will need to take a minimum of 21 days in phase 3 to allow for a full detox of their bodies from the hormone.

Without HCG people will be in much the same position as when they started, however, they will no longer need to worry about losing weight, just maintaining the weight lost to that point. This is a much more manageable task and we break down how this can be done in our guides. Some relapse may occur over very long periods (people report having a small portion of their weight coming back over time), but they can simply do a short HCG regimen at some point in the future to combat this. HCG works awesome when it’s in the body, but the rest is up to the person who lost the weight and the maintenance phase itself. Following the program for Phase 3 maintenance, long-term results can be achieved (and often are).

HCG Plus Users Achieve Extremely Positive Results

Positive HCG ResultsHCG is, hands down, the most popular weight loss treatment in the world. HCG Plus has quickly grown into one of the premier brands of HCG out there being offering, as it’s not only non-homeopathic and potent, but has spread among previous users who have had positive experiences with the program. Tens of thousands of joined in the HCG protocol with us, and most have experienced tremendous weight loss results. Typically, we find that our customers will lose 20 to 35 pounds in a single regimen. This level is seen regardless if someone is on the modern approach (up to 57 days and 700 calories) or the original protocol. No other HCG supplier can boast these kinds of success stories.

When it comes to HCG drops and other related products, we know that there are many choices out there. There are a lot of hormone-free or homeopathic products being marketed, even at large chain stores such as Wal-mart, GNC, etc. In most cases, these products will not contain the actual HCG hormone. What this means is that most users of HCG drops will be taking the wrong kind of product, and their results will suffer significantly as a result. In studies on the subject of HCG, it was found that against placebos (what these products without HCG are) users lose 4 times less weight than did the real HCG users, whether by injections or through oral droplets. This indicates a powerful correlation between the hormone and the weight loss users experience. Without it, results will certainly suffer.

The HCG Plus Difference – The New Protocol

It’s true that classically people took injections of the HCG hormone in order to go on the diet program. However, in the modern era this has largely switched over to oral supplementation (typically sublingual HCG drops). The reasons for this are extensive, but namely drops are a lot easier to make and therefore cheaper, and they can be taken in a pain-free manner. However, along with these administration changes have come some significant leaps forward in the protocol itself. Dr. Simeons discovered HCG’s amazing properties and created a program that really worked, but with modern science this method has been modified to improve those results even further. From drinking coffee to fruit choices, the modern approach (sometimes called the OWL HCG protocol) has not only increased success, but has done so without any loss in potency of the program.

The modern approach outlines some significant changes from the original protocol, particularly in the way of foods eaten. We at HCG Plus advocate the modern approach, unless a person has had prior success with the original protocol. The modern method is 700 calories per day, rather than 500, and allows for a wider variety of foods to be eaten. Though carbohydrates rich foods are still prohibited (rice, corn, potatoes, mangoes, etc) users are allowed to substitute a lot of proteins that were not originally permitted. Eggs, as well as lean beef, is allowed.  A person is also allowed coffee and tea on the HCG diet in as much quantities as they wish on either the modern or original protocol. Most seafood is also permitted, including shrimp, lobster, salmon, etc. Additionally, nearly all fruits and vegetables are allowed, so long as they are relatively low in carbohydrates. What was found studying the HCG diet and the foods eaten was that users eating a wider variety of foods, rather than limited list Dr. Simeons originally permitted, actually lost a bit more weight as their body was able to keep their metabolism high due to the variety of foods they ate. A wider variety of foods means more changes, and means a more dynamic metabolism.