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I started HCG Plus' real HCG drops in
2011. This has been truly incredible! Within my first 60 days I've dropped 35 lbs. I
never thought I could achieve these results. Thank you so much!"
10 to 20 lbs

20 to 30 lbs

Over 35

Pure and Real HCG Drops

Locating Real HCG from retailers can be a big problem. Most HCG products do not even contain the actual hormone, and are therefore useless. Only real HCG works.

There's been many studies demonstrating the effectiveness of HCG, but one thing is for certain, it always requires pure HCG to work.

Comparison of Various Administration Methods


60 Day Package


Drop 20 lbs or more

Starter 2 ozs of Real HCG
Effective Daily Dosages of HCG
150 to 200 I.U.s per day
Rapid 43 to 60 Day Plan

The Rapid Weight Loss Plan

120 Day Package


Drop 35 lbs or more

Awesome 4 ozs of Real HCG
Effective Daily Dosages of HCG
150 to 200 I.U.s per day
Incredible 86 to 120 Day Plan

The Potent Weight Loss Plan

2 - 120 Day Package


Drop 35 lbs or more

Incredible 8 ozs of Real HCG
Effective Daily Dosages of HCG
150 to 200 I.U.s per day
Fantastic 86 to 120 Days for 2

The Ultimate Weight Loss Plan

High Potency HCG Diet Drops

People often look for weight loss solutions that can provide success and have been proven to do so under the scrutiny of scientific examination. HCG drops are one such treatment, with an extremely high degree of objective success in various studies. HCG, which stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin has be used for decades in this regard. However, the first drops most people will encounter will likely be of the homoepathic or hormone-free varieties. In both cases these will not contain the actual hormone, and simply be marketed as if they do. Unfortunately, it can be quite challenging to tell the difference between the real thing and these imitators. As such, it's important to ensure that any HCG products being taken include the actual hormone, otherwise users risk poor results and even overall damage to their health. A minimum of 150 IUs of the hormone is needed per day to generate results, and these fake products usually don't contain even a single IU. For the most part, the various drops out there are going to only be of dubious quality without containing enough HCG to be effective. The labels of real products will often belie their authenticity, as they clearly state that they are non-homeopathic.

The HCG diet program works in a fairly simple, but totally unique manner. Rather than the classic method of attacking the symptoms of obesity, by increasinge a user's energy artifically or otherwise, HCG actually directly targets the causes. It boosts the metabolism of the user and decreases their overall appetite, and does so through direct biochemical reactions with the brain itself. This is a unique characteristic, only found in the use of this hormone. It allows people to take in HCG each day, through drops ideally, and then lose weight they normally would not have been able to lose. In various studies on this topic, usually involving injections of the hormone, users lose 20 to 30 pounds within a single treatment protocol. HCG drops are a great alternative to injections, as if they are real HCG, they are much cheaper and completely pain free. People simply need to place a certain number of drops under their tongue, and allow the HCG to absorb into their bloodstream. Real HCG is always alcohol-free, as alcohol will damage the hormone. So this is a certain way to tell the real HCG apart. HCG Plus is totally free of this, and it is clearly listed in the ingredients under the FAQ as well. HCG diet drops are powerful, effective and a great way to save money losing weight on this fantastic program.

Fundamentals of the HCG Drops Program

The HCG weight loss program is generally broken up into three distinct phases. Each phase involves a specific set of guidelines, meant to maximize the overall success of individuals throughout their weight loss with HCG. Phase one begins with a loading phase, for at least 2 days. This requires people to take in as much fat as they can in order to mobilize the stored lipids they have. Phase two is often called the very low calorie diet, which reduces the user's intake of food considerably. HCG actually boosts the person's metabolism directly, and decreases their appetite as well. This allows for them to go on a heavily reduced calorie diet, and not have much difficulty at all doing so. Generally, Dr. Simeons recommended people go on a 500 calorie per day program, but modern methods allow for upwards of 700 per day instead. This generates weight loss on the order of 0.5-2 pounds per day, and does so naturally.

Phase three of the program is the maintenance period of the diet. Once a user reaches their ideal weight, they can stop taking the hormone as long as they've been on the regimen for at least 23 days. Once this occurs, users turn their attention to retaining the weight they've lost in the long term. A diet program is prescribed for thise phase, but it is fairly unregimented. People are to go onto a 1500-2000 calorie per day diet, and avoid a wide variety of processed foods. Beyond that, however, they can go back to their normal foods each day. It's not too difficult using the techniques of the HCG diet program, along with the hormone itself, to lose weight and keep it off on the long term. There are no heavily restrictive dieting rules or anything of the sort after the user reaches their goal weight. It's relatively straightforward until the end, and the HCG significantly boosts total weight lost.

Comparing Non-homeopathic and Homeopathic HCG

Whenever selecting among the various brands of HCG, it can be difficult to distinguish the real hormone from the various 'alternatives'. Alternatives to HCG are everywhere, but they simply do not work. Hormone-free is generally what they are called by these retailers, but his only belies their complete uselessness. In thousands of studies, HCG has indicated its power. Yet in none of these studies has any other ingredient ever been identified to offer the same benefits as the real hormone. Looking at the ingredients on the labels of these products, it's clear what people are paying for. These products are rarely more than expensive vitamin supplements, which do not even contain the actual HCG hormone at all. Homeopathic HCG is of similar quality generally. Homeopathic HCG may contain a tiny amount of the hormone in each bottle, but it's usually not enough to be effective. At least 125 IUs have to be given each day by any treatment protocol in order for success to occur. Homeopathic HCG drops almost never contain close to these levels.

Non-homeopathic HCG drops are a totally different ball game. These drops provide high levels of the HCG hormone, and they do so consistently. Similar to injections, good drops of this type will deliver at least 125 IUs per day, but are also a whole lot cheaper and completely pain-free. Injections can be quite expensive, averaging well into the thousands of dollars per treatment. However, with real HCG drops, it's much cheaper. There are some important ways to tell the difference between real HCG, and these other products. Homeopathic HCG often uses made up values like "4x, 10x, 14x" on their labels, supposedly to indicate the total concentration in their product. Unfortunately, this is not a valid way to measure HCG in liquid form. HCG comes in powders, at 99.9% purity or higher, yet when a powder is placed into any liquid, it has to be measured differently. HCG needs to be measured as IUs/bottle or milligrams per bottle in order for it to be valid (the latter being what is called "molals"). As such, real HCG will always clearly indicate this somewhere on the website or in the instructions. A sure sign of fakes, is the lack of this quality.

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Regularly Asked Questions:

Q: HCG Plus is Actually Non-homeopathic?

It absolutely is! Real HCG, like HCG Plus, is totally different than the stuff you would receive from a homeopathic or hormone-free retailer. It's alcohol-free and contains enough of the hormone to very effective in producing weight loss in users. Non-homeopathic refers to the fact that HCG Plus does not contain only "a small amount of the chief ingredient". Rather it contains enough to be highly effective, like is generally seen as necessary levels in the various studies on HCG weight loss.

Q: How Long Does It Take For Delivery?

In almost all circumstances, US orders arrive within 2-3 business days of the order being placed. Generally orders are shipped out the very same day, if placed prior to 3pm EST. International delivery is heavily dependent upon the customer's location. Generally, for instance, Canadian orders will take 7-14 business days. Various other locations around the world can take up to 21 business days for delivery.

Q: Can HCG Plus Be Delivered Internationally?

Absolutely! We ship to almost all international destinations. If you do not see your country on the list, drop us an email or call us and we'll try to help you with shipping. Some locations are much more stringent on allowing real HCG drops to be delivered. As such, we do not ship to Australia or a handful of other problematic countries. Usually, due to our careful attention to customs, we never experience any issues shipping overseas.

Q: Why Does HCG Plus Need Refrigeration?

Refrigeration is a requirement of all real HCG drops. HCG will actually dissociate and become inert over time, if it is not refrigerated. Even when refrigerated this occurs but does so over a longer period. We add several well known extenders to push this limit back some, but we can only do so for around 100 days for opened bottles. For unopened bottles, the same 20% drop in potency point is around 5 months, if refrigerated. This is measured from the time orders ship from our location, on a general basis.

Q: What Information Comes Along With My Order?

With all orders, we send our 18 page Quick start guide and over 90 pages of recipes specifically designed for weight loss with HCG Plus, our real HCG drops brand. This comes via email free of charge. Additionally, people are sent Dr. Simeons book "Pounds and Inches" and also an instruction sheet on how to take the drops goes along in every package.

Q: Can HCG Plus and the HCG Diet Be Used Safely?

Because HCG is a completely natural hormone, it is generally considered be to be totally safe. HCG Plus contains various vitamins and minerals, so unless a person is allergic to them, it's generally just fine and safe. HCG Plus contains HCG, of course, but also several inert extenders, B-12, Niacin, B-complex vitamins and L-Glutamine.

Q: Why are HCG Plus Drops Different?

Th vast majority of HCG drops out there are actually 'homeopathic' or completely hormone free. Unfortunately, in both cases, these products do not contain the HCG hormone at all. HCG plus is totally different than these other products. It is non-homeopathic, and contains a sufficient level of HCG to produce high quality weight loss results, similar to what is seen in various studies.

Q: I Keep Hearing About Studies with HCG, What Are Some Examples?

There are many HCG studies, in fact thousands, but a recent study has shown some new results. A new study tested the benefits of HCG in generating weight loss with other chronic illnesses in play. In cases were users have diabetes or hypothyroidism, it was found that they lost considerable weight (equivalent to most users) while taking HCG. The same 20 to 30 pounds of weight loss was seen in this research as is normally seen with the HCG hormone.